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Mozart’s own monogrammed scarf has a glimpse of the Austria flag on each end, and beloved Vienna Edelweiss flowers on an ivory backdrop. Music scores by Mozart are in the background with a list of his operas along the scarf edges. Seville Oranges represent the Seville setting of The Marriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni; Mozart’s popular operas.


Among the design, find Mozart’s portrait, his feather quill for composing music and his musical instrument of choice; the violin. Lush flowers embellish the design finished with the master composer’s signature.


100% silk twill, machine Hemmed

Mozart Silk Scarf

IVA esclusa
  • To retain the natural quality of your silk scarf, we recommend dry cleaning.

    Optionally, you may handwash your scarf in cool water with mild soap, blot out excess water with a towel, then let hang dry.

    Press while damp with warm iron on the silk/wool setting.

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